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&   t h i n g s   to   do:

Climbing Moro Rock in elevation 6.725 ft.
A 1/4-mile staircase to the summit (300 foot elevation gain)

Skiing and snowshoeing during the winter time.
The Sequoia ski Touring Center is located in Wolverton. Rental equipment and lessons are available for all ages. Experienced instructors teach the basic skills as well as telemark techniques. Snowshoes are also available for rental.

Whitewater Rafting
(seasonal, from spring to early summer)

Horseback riding and professionally training on a local training stables and trail riding available.
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Socializing on the deck, watching birds, like hummingbirds, other wild life and enjoying the scenery.
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A Hammock implies the feeling of relaxation.
In 1492 Columbus was introduced to the "hamaca" by the Tino Indian tribe from Haiti, who discovered the art of relaxation. They put red-hot coals under the hammocks to get the warm in the mountains.

jacuzzi & sauna
Or you enjoy the benefits of jacuzzi and sauna.

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Visiting the Giant Sequoias.
The General Sherman is the largest tree on this planet, with a base diameter of 36 feet and a height of 275 feet (total about 52,000 cubic feet), its weighs 1,385 tons and its age is between 2,300 and 2,700 years.

* A visit to the giant Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

* Golfing

* Exploring the beautiful Mineral King area (an old mining
  "ghost town"), which also is known as "The Alps of Switzerland".

* Participate in seasonal white-water rafting (during spring and
   early summer) For further informations, please call the
   Kaweah Whitewater Adventure at (559) 740-8251
* Enjoy horseback riding. For more information, contact
   Christy Wood at (559) 561-4268

* Visit Crystal Cave (Open at the end of May through mid October)

* Try your luck at fishing or boating in the Kaweah River and the
   nearby Lake Kaweah

* Seasonal skiing among the Giants in the Wolverton Ski and
   Recreation Area

* Enjoy the native wild life

* Travel endless miles of hiking trails.

Three Rivers offers year-round entertainment.
Regardless of which season you visit, there is always something to do:

Residence  Bellevue  Guesthouse
Having fun at the Lake Kaweah

Fishing, boating, swimming and other activities of water sports
We offer in-house massages (at special request only).