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The ultimate vacation is to use this time to take care of your health and to relax as much as possible.
What could be better than hiking by daytime in the mountains of the Sequoia National Park and after you had a active and busy day, to jump in the hot water of the Jacuzzi or to sweat in a sauna?

A SAUNA  - it's very unique:
SAUNA is the only bath in the world in which both dry air and damp air are present in the same time.

A SAUNA offers a lot of benefits:
SAUNA is a very simple and pure process, a sensual pleasure. It is the body's natural way to cleanse itself through perspiration. The high heat (average from
160oF  to 180oF) and the low humidity (about 25%) create an environment which promotes over-all perspiration and the deep cleansing of pores. The body impurities are flushed away (even nicotine from a smoker's body). The special heat and humidity soothes and relaxes tired muscles, relieves stress, and promotes a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and well being.

Additionally, a Sauna helps to maintain clear, healthy skin and there is that afterglow of a rosy complexion - the aura of good health.

Also, during the Sauna process, the rate of blood circulation increases, the rate of breathing increases, and the pulse rate is faster. Ten minutes of sauna is like 10 minutes of exercise.

Try it out, come in and enjoy our original FINLANDIA SAUNA, produced by SAUNA experts from Finland.

The inner layer of our SAUNA is made out of WESTERN RED CEDAR Wood, which looks cozy, natural and diffuses a lovely aromatic smell.

The outside layer is made out of Red Wood.
After each SAUNA-session the hot body should "cool down" and relax for a little while.

or you prefer to relax in the hammock, which is close by in the rear yard.
The hammock as well is a kind of relaxation, introduced by the Tainolndian tribe from Haiti.

After having a sauna bath enjoying the outdoor scenery: Listen to the sound of the murmuring river while enjoying the breathtaking mountain views.

You also may go to relax on the large deck where a lot of seating areas are available.
Other options also exist such as relaxing after the SAUNA session in the jacuzzi/hot tub, enjoying the hot water and gazing the stars.

This stairs lead you to the Jacuzzi and the east-north deck.

Jacuzzi / Hot Tub
Therefore we put beside the SAUNA an outdoor seating area and a shower.
The seating area is a roomy place, made of Red Wood and offers a breathtaking mountain view.

Bath robes and towels for sauna and jacuzzi are provided.
Finnish   S A U N A

The Jacuzzi has a lot of health benefits, such as:
It immerses your body in a Jacuzzi hot tub makes it weightless relieving pressure on bones and joints.  T
he soothing warm water and massage invigorates the skin and increases blood circulation by dilating blood vessels.  The increase of oxygen to the skin's surface results in an overall soothing and relaxing experience for the whole body.

A Jacuzzi hot tub bath relaxes the body and promotes good sleep.

What could be better than relaxing in your Jacuzzi Hot Tub under a starry night with family and friends?

Forget the TV, talk to your partner - go to the Jacuzzi!

History of Hudrotherapy
Hydrotherapy, which was once known as hydropathy or the water cure, was first documented in the 5th century B.C. by the Greek physician Hippocrates, widely considered the Father of Medicine. Hydrotherapy is derived from the prefix "hydro", meaning water, and refers to the therapeutic use of water at any temperature or form, including ice packs, vaporizers and hot baths.
The medicinal uses of hydrotherapy are recorded in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. In ancient Rome, communal public baths, were used to promote health and wellness, and in Egypt flower essences and aromatic oils were added to bath waters to promote healing. In Greece, Hippocrates advocated bathing in natural spring water.

Origins of Modern Hydrotherapy originated in 19th century Europe when Vincent Priessnitz, a farmer of Grafenberg in Silesia, Austrian Empire, began instructing others in the healing benefits of his water cures, which were successfully used in the treatment of many different formerly incurable diseases. including anxiety, pneumonia, typhus and back pain.

Global Spread of Hydrotherapy
In the 19th Century, the Bavarian monk, Father Sebastian Kneipp, initiated a movement to recognize the healing benefits of water. Kneipp's methods were later adopted by the German physician Benedict Lust, who successfully treated his own tuberculosis with Kneipp's methods.
When Lust immigrated to the United States in 1896 he founded the first American school of naturopathic medicine, which included hydrotherapy treatments. Since, the medicinal uses of hydrotherapy have expanded. Today, various forms of hydrotherapy are used in both alternative and conventional medicine.

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Jacuzzi hot tubs are known world wide for their luxurious designs and relaxation. These hot tubs are the perfect thing for relaxing at home after a hard day at work, an exhorting hike or just after normal everyday stressful activities.

This Relaxation comes from water rushing out of jets to massage the muscles in your body.

We also cooperate with local certified and experienced Massage Therapists, to offer our guest
IN-House Massages. Please visit our page "Wellness & Health" for more information.